Saturday, April 28, 2012


It has been a long time between posts, I am house sitting for a friend and have not been able to get my computer working but last night No 4 daughter was able to get me up and running again, thanks Nic.

I had a birthday last week and my 4 daughters bought me a new camera,the first photo taken was of Emma at my celebration dinner. I was able to get all my daughters and all my grandchildren together in one place which was tremendous fun. The grandchildren range in age from  17 to 7 weeks.        
 Tracey my eldest daughter and me having a chuckle at something funny
                               Nic is my youngest daughter and Me
A happy Jack and his mum Paula No 3 daughter. 
 A not so happy Jack who was making it quite clear he didn't like what he was being told to do or maybe not to do.   
So here they all are we have Reilly 7 at the top on Sean 17 shoulders then Emma nearly 2 trying desperately to get off Nans lap then Heidi 7 weeks being an angel next is Molly 7 and Chloe 5 she will be 6 very soon and Leah 5 with Jack in the front who is 3.
My beautiful and handsome 8 grandchildren.
Now for some reason Jo my No 2 daughter missed out on my photos that night I will need to do something about getting a shot of her soon.