Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How Batik Fabric is made

                  How Batik is made.                      

I thought I would show you some shots of
the process of making batik.

The fabric is pre dyed with base colour and then stamped with hot wax.
In these photo's the Balinese men are applying the hot wax in different patterns.
When the next colour dye is applied it will only penetrate the fabric where there is no wax.
The fabric is then boiled to remove the wax.
Sometimes this is done more than once to produce beautiful fabric.
As it is a hand process there is never two pieces of fabric exactly the same even in a 1 yard piece you will get variations in colour and design.

This is the beauty of Bali Batik.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Bali trip

  Here I am in Bali, we stayed at the Bali Hyatt
in Sanur Beach. I had a lovely time with my youngest
daughter and 2 of her friends.
We had a great day touring the island with a taxi driver we met at the beach.One of our stops was the Bali zoo where we became acquainted with this lion. I must say I wasn't keen to do this but after watching others I thought why not. We also went up to Ubud and went to see monkies at the monkey forest they were much better behaved than I remember from my 1982 visit as at that time they would take your glasses off your head and only give them back when you gave them a banana.