Monday, March 19, 2012

Bali trip

  Here I am in Bali, we stayed at the Bali Hyatt
in Sanur Beach. I had a lovely time with my youngest
daughter and 2 of her friends.
We had a great day touring the island with a taxi driver we met at the beach.One of our stops was the Bali zoo where we became acquainted with this lion. I must say I wasn't keen to do this but after watching others I thought why not. We also went up to Ubud and went to see monkies at the monkey forest they were much better behaved than I remember from my 1982 visit as at that time they would take your glasses off your head and only give them back when you gave them a banana.                                            

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  1. Lovely pictures Mum! Can't wait to see the new fabrics! xxx